System Integration

Making all of your technology work together well.

Does your application need to be accessible to other applications? Do you need to exchange data with another system? Or integrate work flows between systems? Our team will analyze your business process flows and technology requirements and constraints and then engineer a seamless solution to exchange data and streamline your workflow.

We have experience integrating business systems across a range of business functions from CRM to ERP and accounting and financial management to Content Management Systems (CMS).Combining our experience in business process optimization, custom software development, and system implementation we can get your desktop, on-premise, and cloud solutions connected and keep them that way, reducing operating costs and complexity.

  • System Customization: We take off-the-shelf technology solutions and customize them to automate your business processes the way you need them. Our team will map out your business needs, translate them to technical requirements, and then mold your software solution to deliver the business results you want.

  • System Integration: We make applications work better together. After understanding how you want your business processes to flow, we can help you mold your disparate business systems into cohesive solution. Whether it’s your ERP, CRM, CMS, or accounting systems, we can build the interconnectivity required for them to exchange information efficiently and affordably.

  • API Development and Integration: Whether your application needs a new API or Web Service or simply needs to connect to another application’s existing interfaces, we work to model your data and workflows and develop an efficient interchange.

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We've worked with companies of all sizes – from startups to the Fortune 500 – to provide cost-effective software and web development, content services and global engineering teams in multiple industries across the US.

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